Who is this chick?

I’m a dirt-poor Wisconsin kid who has used my resources to the greatest of my abilities to make my dreams of international travel come true. I guess I don’t really have any particular goals other than to learn about people. Individuals, cultures, families, the “advantaged” and “disadvantaged;” I tend to think the world is a really messed-up place and the only thing that holds us together is our collective insanity as members of the human race.
I work for the man, I buy food, I pay rent, I save money and I go.



6 responses to “Who is this chick?

  1. mom and nancy

    hey teg, fixewn to see the governor tonight! wish me luck. it’s because of a wi women in government scholarship event in madison. im really excited. here with nancy showing her your blog. thinks its neat. so shell probably mail you sometime. have fun and mail you again soon! love mom

  2. hey, you are fucking amazing. This is so vast so complete so incredibly insanely brilliant. youve got a million shining stars in front of you.
    Ive had major life affecting travels in romania and this makes me lust to go back. You look great! So wonderful seeing you and feeling a bit of you! I hope you are well cared for and feeling ourstanding. Ive sent some guardian angels to watch over you! Peace!!

  3. Also Im in a Dr Who craze right now…thats not who youre named after is it?

  4. it was nice to see you again this summer.

    stay away from those damn creeps. I’ll see you sooner that I think, but later than I wish.

    your friend

  5. dreamsleftbreathing

    wow, tegan!

    it’s amazing to look over your blog and see all the beautiful breathtaking hard core stuff you’ve been doing with your life!
    you look gorgeous and make a difference at the same time!
    i love the pics of local stencils and art, and of you in various places, so many reaching colors!
    i also love to hear your poems and tales of tegan land, and about the different cultures you visit!
    ohh..it makes me yern so much to travel, to be other places and break through the mental barriers of being in such a small space..!
    thanks for blogging!
    [the exclamation mark is my favorite puncuation, for its ability to show energy and joy..!]

    i love you dearly tegan..!

    Blessings and all~

    ❤ rachelLynn

  6. Teru

    Hi Tegan!
    This is random Teru from Japan!!

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