Who Cares?

I don’t know exactly who cares about what particular strange or predictable morsels of information may be gleaned from this blog. I originally started this project while studying in South Korea, then picked it up when I traveled/studied in Ireland, Germany, and Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH). I’m in Nairobi, Kenya now. If you’re a person who’s interested in the mundane or obvious things that an inquisitive, questioning American may learn in such places, I predict you may delight in reading on.

Why Bosnia?….
Spring 2007
UW-Superior, my alma-mater and favorite working class university, offers a unique program in the former Yugoslavia which focuses on history/politics in the region.

Here is a gorgeous view of Sarajevo, where my group stayed in a small house overlooking the capital city.

Why South Korea?….

Spring 2006
I traveled to South Korea to study abroad in the spring semester of 2006. This was my first time ever abroad (I’m not kidding, I’ve never even crossed the Canadian border despite living a few mere hours away…). That trip inspired the creation of this blog; a fantastic way to keep in touch with all of those who care about me, or to perpetuate my own sense of fame, and to justify the overuse of semicolons; my all-time favorite apostrophe.

I returned to South Korea for my winter break in January 2007 to teach children at a remote buddhist temple. I visited this diamond-way temple the previous spring during my semester at Yonsei University in Wonju. The temple is located near Young-ju at an old gold mine buried deep in the mounstrous mountains. My time during this month was spent volunteering at the temple and teaching english as a foreign language to Korean gradeschoolers.

Kunsuhnim (head monk) and I at the temple –



3 responses to “Who Cares?

  1. uncle al

    How do i get to your archives? I was at your mom’s this past weekend taking photos of her artwork with uncle Andy and she seemed unaware of the fact that you had a blog. Not sure if this was intentional on your part of not, but I wanted to pass the info along to her if she by some chance didn’t get it, or more likely, overlooked it.

  2. hi tegan.. zzzz

    do you know what time is’t now??

    it;s 5: 40 am

    it is impossible to me that i didnt sleeping this time..

    i can’t sleeping because i get so much caffein(?) -_-;;;

    i get much caffein because i cant solve the problem about physics quastions..

    it ;s very stessful to me…
    -> i want to writing this passage more smoothy…-_-….

    oh my god… i hate chines sands but now it;s ok..zz rainy..now..

    how about ur trip?? i miss you .. 😉

    mm.. i have bad cold ..

    cm…..when we can mms???

    oh im sorry what i didnt contact you about the friday mms time.

    when friday lunchtime, im so busy to writing a discussion about physics experiment

    your blog is so good. i want to make like this…

    if u have enough time to teach for help to making my blog..

    call me!! ^^:;;

    ps, now l learn the grammar about so so basic zzzz
    and essey……

  3. i make my blog ! ^^;

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