last day.

it’s 9am here, my last day. the kids practiced their final presentation yesterday and it was pretty hilarious. i wonder what their parents will think of it all, the fact that its all in english and there is no interpreter should add to the amusement.

Ha-na and Pil-jin came from Seoul to visit me here last night. that was pretty sweet of them. my Apa and Opa asked the dabong-sunnim (kunsunnim is away on business or something…) if we could go out for a “farewell party” last night, but he wouldn’t allow it so we had to enjoy ourselves at the temple. the girls ordered dopoki, odang, hota and teegim (just for fun. i always get teased for the semblence of my name to this tasty fried dish.). it was a pleasant evening. the dabong-sunnim asked me if there was anything that i really wanted to have (foodwise) before i left the country. as i thought about it i realized that i am actually completely content with the turnout of this exciting trip.

i got the kid’s emails yesterday. i’m going to miss them a lot, and something tells me it’s mutual….

my warm bed awaits my return in northern wisco. my cats are probably ten times bigger than they were when i left, considering all of the venison they’ve been fed. my upcoming research design class is waiting to kick my ass and plans for a maymester trip to Bosnia to study war and peace need to be laid. this has been a challenging and exciting adventure back to the only other country i have been to outside the US (i formally make a pledge to you all that i will go to canada this year…)


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