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mmmmm… earth sandwhich!

another perfectly gorgeous sunrise, dsc00672.JPG

such a delicious-looking location to make an EARTH SANDWHICH!

i’ve wanted to make an earth sandwhich for awhile but spaced it last time i was here in Korea. now, i realize that the actual other side of the planet, from Youngju, South Korea exactly, is probably somewhere in the middle of the atlantic ocean. But no sandwhich is completely geometrically balanced, right? what kind of sandwhich would have the top slice of bread placed exactly in line with the bottom? and in this case, the “bottom” and “top” of said sandwhich are awfully hard to measure. ┬áso i’de say that yeilds a little flexibility as well. here it is (it may turn out to be more of an earth burger, given the bun-like consistency of the only bread i was able to locate….)


yum! I can’t wait to get home and finish making this sandwhich. Is anyone else feeling hungry? (sideways because it’s not finished yet. i’m basically suspending it in my hand for three days until i can get to the other side….)


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