of dok-bop-kuh and passing time


it’s Tuesday here, almost lunchtime. the class has mostly been working on tying up projects that we have started in the past few weeks; working on their lesson books, finishing their posters, memorizing songs and practicing the play that we will present to parents on Thursday. yesterday was Kunsunnim’s “lunar birthday” (I’m really not sure how they measure these things, but it means that he wasn’t really born on this day…) anyhow – somehow I missed the singing part, I was taking a bowl-bath at the time, which is really too bad because it was finally a chance for me to put my English to use. we had a disgusting cake from some cakery, in Seoul perhaps (Bosarnim spent the day there and one of the sunnim’s sisters came to cook and smoke in the bathroom, incidentally). We also had insamju, which is ginseng flavored soju – very, very strong – and doughnuts from “Dunkin’ Doughnuts”.

it’s really hilarious the aspects of American culture that these people are attracted to. this weekend in
Seoul my friends took me out for pizza, American enough, right? but it was potato pizza with a generous helping of yellow corn to accompany it under the cheese. the salad bar was really weird, too, being that it consisted of more jello and unidentifiable foreign objects than it did of actual leafy veggies. we all shared one bowl of the concoction, of course, but went back for refills three times.
I am one of four young women now staying at the temple, including Ji-in, Hay-gyung and one of the sunnim’s children from a past marriage. its kind of cozy in our little room.
I don’t really miss Xiao at all. it’s actually been a  bit of a relief to have him gone, there’s too much going on here as it is.
this morning, after breakfast, Bosarnim proceeded to add dok (a traditional rice cake, in this case sweetened) and massive amounts of rice to the leftover pot of kimchee soup. it looked really repulsive and i was surprised that this was a korean recipe that i hadn’t been warned of or seen in the past. she proceeded to take the bowl outside and feel it to the dogs. ha! the puppies eat this kind of stuff everyday. how do they do it? i’m not sure. i’m tempted to feed my kittens some kimchee soup when i get home just to show them what animals in other countries have to go through. maybe it would make them appreciate their warm home and dry kitty food and venison more.

ramble on. get ready for class. only three days left….

those sticks look delicious, Bosarnim!   not. 칡, or “shiike”, they are actually edible, but barely…


this is clearly not a case of unrequitted love… tee hee



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  1. adam

    three days left?
    I guess I’ll see you soon.
    great blog.

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