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maxin just won’t do

its 9am here now and after a sound sleep from 7 to 7 (wow!) and a breakfast of rice, seaweed soup and kimchee i feel ready to face the day. the students will arrive at 2 (actually, we are responsible for picking them up from their homes in the temple’s “mini-bus-uh”). i feel as ready as i can be.

its cold today and the sun is trying to shine through the thick clouds and over the sharp mountains that are scattered for miles beyond the temple. Xiao is probably somewhere over the pacific right now, dreaming sweet dreams of kimchee and michaelangelo. i am really excited for him to arrive so that i will have someone to talk to, and because i have missed him so much.

last night i was served a disgusting concoction of ground ginseng and milk, forcing me to wonder how far i would go to be polite. i think i would consume pretty much anything that is a cultural norm if others are doing the same. i began to think up hypothetical situations where i would be challenged – eating boiled silkworms, live octopi or dogmeat are all possibilities here. not at the temple, because of it’s inherent vegetarianism (perhaps why i feel most comfortable here…) but throughout the country, no doubt. relatively speaking, this cuisine is quite tolerable in comparison with others and i think i am fully capable of consuming anything served to me here. maybe.

anyhow. the bosar-nim gave me a bright pink scarf today. why is it that these people always think of bright pink when they think of me? is this my fault? or maybe they are consciously trying to cure my hatred of the obnoxious color. hmmm.

i don’t miss home much. but it’s cold here and i hate having to clean up my room and roll up my bedding every night. and i  l o n g  for a righteous cup of coffee and severely regret not bringing some. maxim just won’t cut it. isn’t there a feminine hygenic product that also bears that name? perhaps that contributes to my animosity for the gross instant coffee… 






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