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Korea is –

ideas have been running through my head lately, one-liners that can only explain what i have found to be the essence of life in Korea in my few short months here…
Korea is Kimchee
Korea is small spaces
Korea is squid, and seaweed
Korea is sleeping on the floor
Korea is sleeping on the subway
Korea is sleeping on the bus
Korea is sleeping pretty much anywhere humanly possible
Korea is taking off your shoes
Korea is little kids saying “hi” or bowing to strangers, being patted on the head in return –
Korea is friendly
Korea is ceramics and celadon glaze
Korea is pizza delivery via motorcycle or moped
Korea is high heels and miniskirts
Korea is white rice
Korea is pretending it knows about coffee and chocolate, but they are less than halfway there(if you are a fan of these intoxicants, prepare for the most fulfilling servings to come only in your dreams…)
Korea is covering your mouth with your hand
Korea is pouring alcohol for others
Korea is small, flat mattresses and huge pillows
Korea is putting mayonaisse on things you wouldn’t even imagine
Korea is bowing to your elders
Korea is norae-bangs (kareoke rooms)
Korea is Ajumas and roadside stands and something that could be classified as fish ham
Korea is sweatshop posing as namebrand sweatshop (“American Fitch”….)
Korea is smoky bathrooms
Korea is learning English, or pretending to
Korea is studying as if your life depended on it, because it does
Korea is Unification – the people here want it so bad…
Korea is pushing you out of the way in the street and saying “I’m so sorryuh!” (Korea is adding the sound “uh” to the end of every english word….)
Korea is grilled meats, fried meats, raw meat
Korea is jimjilbangs (public bathhouses)
Korea thinks it is fat
Korea is seeming like it’s completely disorganized until you learn enough of the language to realize that the culture is extremely complicated
Korea is Buddhism
Korea is green tea
Korea is its’ own national treasures – numbered #1 through ?. items like temples, statues, etc
Korea is wearing the same clothes three days in a row, but they’re nice clothes, so who gives?
Korea is sitting on the floor to eat
Korea is chopsticks and spoons and stainless steel cups
Korea is awesome mountains and conniferous trees
Korea is the World Cup
Korea is happy it’s Korea, but is pretty pissed about the whole Dokdo thing (Korea is pretty much hating Japan)



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