who said plastic surgery was wierd?

i relaxed between classes this afternoon in my dorm room eating kim and checking out the news. Dawn sent me a package that i had requested a few weeks ago including some homeopathics for my sore throat, cough, etc, and i just received it on monday. i was elated, but didnt need the medicines anymore so i promptly sickened myself – virtually overnight – so as to put them to use before i leave this place. haha. why is it that life works that way? so as i said, i was chilling out in my room feeling a little out of it and reading the online paper. the Korea Herald is really my favorite paper and main newsource, other than the BBC (and the Onion, and yes, it counts…), at this point. today’s issue featured an article on Korean women and their propensity towards obsessive dieting. the study was done by London University and involved 22 universities, Korean college girls ranked #1 in the study – “Koreans ranked one notch above Japanese women who were also found to be the most likely to perceive themselves as overweight.” i found the whole thing, while completely ridiculous (come on, these people are the smallest in the world, aside from the Pygmies perhaps…) totally familiar. creepiest is the fact that according to this study most of my Korean friends are constantly trying to lose weight: “Results showed that 77 percent of female Korean university students were constantly attempting to lose weight” this article is in the archives now, but here is the URL –
http://www.koreaherald.co.kr/archives/result_contents.asp?id=200605170008&query=lose%20weight (i love that meditereans care the least)
the fact is that Korean people are predominantly overly-concerned with how they look. it was one of the first things i noticed about this country and its true that it initially made me a bit uncomfortable, as anyone who knows me can testify that being concerned about my looks has never been one of my strongest attributes. i really take advantage of the fact that the majority of the US population could really care less about what i wear to school in the morning. but even the boys here blow dry their hair everyday. it amazes me. i was out with a few friends the other day and the fact that one of them (currently dieting) had unnaturally curly eyelashes came up. she unabashedly admitted to having them permed. i didnt even know that kind of technology existed!! i cant imagine the anxiety one would experience while undergoing such an unnecessarily dangerous and expensive procedure for such petty results. the real question is, why are they doing it and who are they doing it for? clearly, most of these women do not have weight problems in comparison to the rest of the world’s women. and perms were not invented for eyelashes. is it because they are more regionalized – comparing themselves only to the people that surround them? and do they try so damn hard to look amazing simply because the country is so homogenized?- (part of my epiphany has just been realizing that in some parts of the world ethnic diversity does not exist) my friend So-youn has naturally brown-ish hair and as a result was tormented all the way through highschool by envious black-haired schoolmates, today she seems to suffer from all sorts of inferiority complexes. that just doesnt happen in the USA. frankly, i’m a little exited to get home and not feel overweight. but it’s almost time for my 10pm jogging….


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