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its 2am and i just figured out how to put this flickr widget on my sidebar, thus solving all of my petty photo-related-problems (okay okay, i did it for henry) anyhow, that makes me pretty happy. unfortunately, my flickr account is severely not-up-to-date, so there’s no point in checking it out right now anyway.

lately – i kind of fell into a beautful stupor after my visit to a temple in Youngju this weekend. i went with one of Ha-na’s friends, Hay-gyung, who i had never met before. she was an amazing companion; although she was clearly nervous about speaking to me her english proved to be fantastic and we had some amazing conversations about our families and our ideas about life, death, and spirituality while a warm soft rain fell for an entire day outside….
but more on that later.
i think all of the american students have realized that we barely have a month left here and we are all kind of waking up to that. i guess i feel like i havent experienced enough. but not because i actually havent, but because that’s just how i feel. meanwhile, i have become completely and utterly fed up with my roommate Eun-hye and her attitude problems. she is really lost in herself. it sucks because i feel like it is partially my responsibility to help my fellow global village students (namely, my korean counterparts) to get something out of this ambiguious program. but they are the ones that payed to be in it, not me, so the most i can do is to invite them out, always be there for them, and do the best i can to teach them what english i can in the dormitory setting. it just feels like my roommates, among a lot of other program participants, havent put any heart into the whole project and as a result have wasted their parents cash and havent learned any new english skills….. but perhaps the problem is just a result of this being the pilot program run, and these glitches will later be worked out…? i dont know.
really, the whole time i have been here, there has been a big ol’ “?” in my head addressing the issues – “why am i here (in korea)/ is this program worth anyone’s time/ do i believe in what i am doing?” and disconsertion along similar lines. the answers on not simple either, but i definately feel like i made the right choice in coming, and that’s the most important element.

besides. its friday, so i am starting our second half of the “cultural experience” course, which means we will be learning traditional korean music and drums. on saturday i am going with JK to make some pottery in her friends’ studio. and next friday i will be flying out of this little city of Wonju to Jeju-do for the weekend!!! Yippeeeeeee!!!! check it out on the map – Youngju and Jeju-do are on there too – Korea_south_map.png


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